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Neurotically private about her personal life, Saska chooses to work under a pseudonym to protect her freedom of expression. The name she chose, Saska Kahrar, has layers of meaning, but her favorite interpretation roughly translates to "Fairy Tale Ending."

She lives and paints in an ordinary-if-somewhat-ill-kept house in suburban North Texas. She currently shares living quarters with a husband, a watermelon-in-a-cat-suit, a rather yappy dog, an assortment of free-range geckos, stray squirrels, possums and the occasional raccoon.

Saska studied visual art on and off throughout her life, mostly teaching herself. In 2002, she picked up her brushes while looking for an outlet for frustration. She found more than an outlet -- she found a distinctive technique and style. Her current work reflects her ongoing obsessions with the pains and passions that drive human nature, as well as private turmoil in her own world.

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