Artist Statement
Why do I paint?

I crave expression, I crave being known - not known in the sense of fame, but known in the sense of being understood, being "grokked," being recognized as someone to whom the viewer can relate.

Each piece, even a commissioned work, begins with an image or idea that moves me. I surrender to the movement. I revel in it, listen to it, taste it, let it envelop and fill me. The feeling floods my awareness; the world falls away. Slowly it takes tangible form, trapped in layers of paint, smudges of graphite.

There is a secret eroticism in the act of externalizing inner experiences, pinning them to paper, exposed to the light of day. I am, I suppose, little more than a mind-slut with artistic pretensions. I guess it's a form of exhibitionism, if an oddly private one... Maybe, in the end, I seek to make the viewer a voyeur.

--Saska K.


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